You’re in the spotlight. But your private data doesn’t have to be.

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 We bring data privacy and data security awareness to the elite



We Are Digital Bodyguards

Hackers and data thieves. They’re like the paparazzi of your private data. Digital stalkers will stop at nothing to penetrate your private information and wreak havoc on your personal life. We’re here to help you fight back; to be smarter, more proactive and more security-savvy. We help mitigate and respond to digital incidents with swift, decisive action.

Clients we work with

Our Approach



With notoriety comes increased risk of personal data breaches. Our data privacy and security awareness training and red team assessments are  designed for high profile families, athletes and entertainers. Our invite-only clients are global influencers who want to learn how to take a more proactive role in protecting their digital privacy.


By invite-only, we provide our clients with the skills, knowledge and tools to protect and secure the data they share through everyday interactions on websites, social media platforms and applications.


We customize data privacy and data security training based on your technical knowledge and unique needs. We use case studies and gamified activities to provide situational examples that are relevant to your life. We keep our team intentionally small to help maintain client confidentiality.


What Makes Us Different


Focus On Tech

Our tech-focused training uses relevant case studies that help you contextualize lesson content and apply it to your everyday life. You’ll have the opportunity to examine your own privacy settings and evaluate the security of your online content in real time.

Bespoke Solutions

Our training is tailored to your unique situation and security needs. We focus on easy-to-understand data privacy and security concepts and teach practical skills to prevent digital incidents. You’ll learn how to use these skills correctly and effectively. Trainings can be structured in any combination of available classes.

Global Delivery

We deliver training throughout the United States and globally. Our international clients have busy, demanding schedules and require a high level of discretion. Our advisors are available to travel to confidential locations, including in-home sessions.

Easy To Implement

Our training is structured so you can apply your new technical skills to your own industry, experiences and issues. This method makes the concepts relevant, improves knowledge retention and increases your engagement level.




You’ll learn advanced techniques and strategies for managing your data privacy and data security when interacting on social media.

Techniques include two-factor authentication, password management, data deletion scheduling and more.



Learn how to secure your online accounts, especially those that are managed by two or more people.

Topics include on-boarding, off-boarding and on-going monitoring of your data.



Learn what to do when incidents like email hacking, sim-jacking and malware attacks occur.

Find out how to restore your accounts before turning things over to your publicity team.



Learn about advanced data hacking, spoofing, and blackmail tactics.

Discover how to avoid attacks by using principles of data privacy and data security to limit information misuse and abuse.






Your data privacy and data security are only as strong as your weakest link. Our personalized training helps identify your vulnerabilities and provides continuous protection against them.


We evaluate your current data privacy and data security practices using a skilled red team that’s trained to identify vulnerabilities. Once we've found problem areas and weaknesses, you’ll have a better understanding of potential threats. Then we make a tailored plan with recommendations on how to correct weaknesses and limit your risks.


When a one-time assessment and series of recommendations isn’t enough, we provide on-going monitoring to ensure the continued protection and security of your data.


When a data breach occurs, our team can respond quickly to remedy the situation. We’ll deploy a team to identify the cause, recover your accounts and restore the security of your data.


We bring over 30 years of combined in-house advisory experiences at globally-recognized companies to bear for our confidential clients. We are trusted subject matter experts for award-winning media outlets.

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